Who is MARJCO (Montgomery Area Reproductive Justice Coalition)?

Montgomery Area Reproductive Justice Coalition (MARJCO) provides escorting & other services to the patients & staff at Reproductive Health Services in Montgomery, Alabama, the only abortion clinic in the city.

We are an intersectional group of clinic escorts who assist people in accessing services at RHS, providing them with a nonjudgmental, friendly face when “walking the gauntlet” past the anti-abortion protesters who harass them on the public sidewalk.

In addition to escorting patients, we operate the P.O.W.E.R. House, which offers women & their companions refuge from the anti-abortion protesters while they are at the clinic.

We will also be offering truthful sexual education courses. birth control seminars, address sexual health for LGBTQIA people, continuing community involvement, along with coordinating political responses & calls to action over the hostility to reproductive rights coming from the State of Alabama government & politicians.

Alabama is extremely hostile to reproductive rights.  This blog will also highlight these problems, and be used to fundraise to keep the P.O.W.E.R. House in our hands.

Want to help or do you need information about what we do?  Feel free to email us here.  Why not give our Facebook page a like & find out what we’re up to on Twitter, too!

Please note that we are NOT employees of Reproductive Health Services.  We are an all volunteer (aka not paid) pro-choice group.


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